Did you know that what you say to yourself directly shapes your sense of WORTH?

Words have power. And, the words you say to yourself truly do matter. With a bit of self-reflection and time spent working on a number of carefully crafted exercises, you are going to find the right strategy for you to become empowered.

You're going to get crystal clear on the things that matter most to you and the words that best describe your beliefs and what you stand for. Just think, by doing this deep digging, the words you excavate and begin to use regularly will soon change your actions and become habits that no one can ever steal from you. Isn't that  awesomely gritty?

Below are your materials to help guide you through this journey. You can read this material online and then print the PDF pages to do the exercises. 

Get comfy now and listen to our audio guide and introduction of WORTH, and the lessons and insights we want to share with you. 

Ready, set, here we go!


WORTH .... your audio guide

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WORTH .... the workbook

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