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Why grit, grace + gratitude? 

It's the formulation that combines a multi-layered approach to living our best lives. 

We've taken our professional expertise, along with our unique insights and lessons learned from facing some of life's most difficult challenges and created this creatively simple methodology. We'll personally guide you and give you tools and exercises to achieve greater resiliency and create lasting change.

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when you dive into you’ll gain:


spinach theology: grit

When's the last time you were brutally honest about what you strongly like or dislike in the people, situations, activities or behaviors that surround you day-in-and-day-out... and then acted upon this knowledge?  

We will show you how to change the situations you find yourself in with just a few words and actions. You will become much stronger and wiser about setting boundaries.  

And, when someone asks you, "How are you doing?", you will respond, "Great!" and really mean it.

words matter: grit

If you can't say nice things about YOU, then why would others do so? Self-worth starts with YOU!  

We will help you identify the hidden negative self-talk that's happening and quickly trash it... swapping out those words for ones that focus on your unique qualities.  

You will see how quickly your thoughts, actions, and even your habits change when you consistently express your values using empowered words. Knowing and speaking your worth arms you with the confidence needed to be free of negativity. 



own your energy: grit

To the naked eye, energy is invisible. We are going to give you what you need to see and own your energy in a number of surprising ways.

Together we'll discover those untapped sources of energy that really do exist  

And, we're going to go deep on what mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally raises your energy, so that you can then determine what you keep and what needs to go. 


funny prayers: grit

A sense of humor is one of your greatest weapons to fight what's miserable, exhausting, or just plain hard to do.

Let's have some fun and embrace a perspective that will literally provide a mental and emotional break, no matter where you are or who you are with.

You are going to step into a less serious point-of-view and consider reality a bit differently. How? Through prayer... however it is that you pray... you will see how saying funny prayers can change you and your view of reality.



knowing your why: grace

Feeling like you've lost your purpose in life can create a serious lack of motivation. 

We get it. We've been there. And, we're going to help you rediscover your purpose and the why's behind all that you do and realize the meaning that exists in your life even in some of the most seemingly meaningless tasks.

Are you ready to transform regrets, remove some mental clutter, and act with greater purpose? Make the changes that will move you in the direction of living your why.

ask. receive. grow: grace

Help is a 4 letter word... and one you can learn to use with wild abandon.

Asking for help and receiving it are not virtues of being weak. Rather, they are the characteristics of someone who is strong.

No one can journey through life carrying their burdens all alone. Discover what holds you back from getting what you need and then gain the tools to break through those barriers. You will soon see how the less you resist help the more grace you will have. 



stressed and blessed: grace

Stress is a part of daily life. Some days there is more of it and some days less. How you respond to stress is what determines how well you you will be able to handle it.

We know all too well the spiral of stress into even worse feelings, like anxiety and depression. That's why our focus is to help you take a stand and fight stress with a handful of powerful changes you can easily make in your life.

You will end up with an emergency plan by bringing grit, grace and gratitude to the rescue! Isn't it about time to go from hopelessly stressed to hopefully blessed?

counterbalance your emotions: grace

The worst feeling is to swing from one strong emotion to another, without a break or time to catch your breath. Some people liken this to being on an emotional roller coaster.

Are you in search of balance? Would you like to find ways to alter the course of the emotional storms in your life and get to calm?

To every emotion, there is an opposite one. We help you find the middle ground by making changes that turn negatives into positives, which we call emotional stabilizers. There is tremendous grace in being okay with feeling everything at the same time, when you know how to find a return to balance.



the five sense of gratitude: gratitude

Get ready to engage your senses and take in a lot more goodness than you ever imagined!

How would you like to flood yourself with a sensory overload of gratitude? Can you imagine taking what's ordinary in your life and transforming it into something that lifts your mood?

You will get this experience working with us and walk away with the tools to keep this practice alive in your daily life. Get ready to change your perspective!

throwaway: gratitude

Is there any good reason to hang on to every thing, every thought, and every situation that comes your way?

One of the most freeing things you will ever do is to throw your troubles to the wind.  Literally, that is what we want you to do and will show you some tricks and steps you can take to do that sooner than later.

You can get rid of what is weighing you down. First, though, we will work with you on getting clear on what those things are and then help you build habits to follow through with greater ease... then sit back and feel gratitude in the release.



rose colored glasses: gratitude

You better brace yourself for this one! No more looking at anything through rose colored glasses.

That's right. We are going to teach you to see with your mind, adjust your vision, and eliminate the blind spots blocking how you see reality.

Your focus will become clearer as we help you understand things like denial and attitude, and we will challenge you with a very different kind of "vision test". In the end, you will be able to choose to see what you want to see and have that influence your reality.

it's the little things: gratitude

Transformation comes about not so much through the big things in life, but rather because of an awareness and accumulation of the little things that turn the mundane into the meaningful.

You've most likely heard about the good that can come from being more present in the moment. The problem is that it's not always clear on how exactly that can really be done, practically speaking.

We will work together to help you learn how to pull back from the big and zoom in on the small... and be grateful for the tiniest of pleasures. Seriously, you can do this! 


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In a world saturated with personal development resources, My Grit, Grace + Gratitude rises above.
The worksheets have become invaluable tools.
Organized, well-thought-out prompts is so helpful for those like me that sometimes need inspiration for journaling.

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