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You have the power to transform your life 

YOUR 1 LIFE + THESE 3 TRAITS = endless potential

Our mission is to help you make that happen so that you have more...

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Or, click image to purchase lickety-split.


why ?


GRIT because...

Grit is your ability to persevere and it is what fuels your passion.

Grit is that thing that empowers that you just can't put your finger on yet none-the-less exists. 

GRIT sounds a bit like this:

"I am not giving up"

"Mistakes happen..and they are not going to get in my way"

"I am not afraid to try new things"

"I believe situations can be changed for the better"


GRACE because...

It is the single quality that can turn something painful, disappointing, or bad into something more beautiful. 

Grace is your ability to react with dignity, thoughtfulness and acceptance.   

GRACE sounds a bit like this:

"If something does not go my way I do not dwell on it"

"I mean what I say but I'm not mean when I say it"

"Being happy is a choice I make"

"I think before I speak most of the time"


GRATITUDE because...

It is what gives you awareness and a sense of well-being, and happiness. 

Gratitude is your ability to appreciate simple things, see more goodness, and abundance in people and everyday life.  

GRATITUDE sounds a bit like this:

"I am very fortunate"

"I have what I need"

"I say thank you and mean it"

"I couldn't have gotten where I am without the help of many people"

Join us and come stargazing … illuminate your path


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Join us and other like-minded individuals who are committed to living as gritty, gracefully and filled with gratitude as possible. Why?

Here's the thing - my grit, grace + gratitude is about the simplicity of transforming our lives with what already exists within us. This isn't about adding things to our lives, it's about enhancing our ability to make positive changes and living with greater resilience.

This is a space where we step away from the distractions and the noise of our everyday lives and reconnect with the core of our spirit and purpose.   

We welcome you to invite your friends! The more of us the merrier! Good things are meant to be shared.