come stargazing


set your sights on...

discovering how to get more of your grit, grace and gratitude shining brightly in your day-to-day life. 

Find a comfy, quiet place and take a few moments to be re-invigorated and inspired.

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For 12 days, we will illuminate the path of self-exploration for you with a series of relaxed and light-hearted exercises. Delivered directly to your inbox, which means you are free to go at your own pace. Gaze as long and thoughtfully as you wish.  

We guarantee you will begin to see your life become more brilliantly lit with... joy, blessings, energy, perspective, growth, balance, strength, worth, abundance, freedom and meaning.

See more of what you want in your life by first looking within, then taking a moment to gaze upward, before sending it forth to shine outward.
— Collen + Deb