Colleen Kavanaugh

Colleen Kavanaugh

Hello! I'm Colleen Kavanaugh and I believe in the impossible. 

Why do I believe in the impossible? Because I've lived through a forest's worth of challenging personal life events that left me feeling lost, afraid and in the darkness of depressions. And yet, the trips into that forest left me stronger than I could have ever hoped to become than had I safely been playing out in the sunshine of pure happiness.

While working at a design firm at the age of 37, I experienced the death of my 69-year old mother to breast cancer. I instantly began caring for my father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. With no prior experience, I was responsible for all areas of their care and wrapping up all the pieces of their lives and business. And, I had a new family with three school aged children, a full-time job and a bucket full of dreams.

My decade of caregiving experiences, much to my surprise, led me to become a professional advocate and supporter of family caregivers. I'm certified as a Caregiving Consultant, Dementia Communications Specialist, and Dementia Practitioner.

Combining my private + professional care experiences, along with knowing how powerful my connections to other women have helped me out of the forest, have found me here, with Deb.  Creating a space for all of us to feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to live our best lives, despite the challenges we may be in the midst of living is the most fulfilling work of my life. After all, conquering the impossible and cultivating inner grit, grace + gratitude is more fun when we are all together.


We're living proof that with grit, grace + gratitude you can make it through anything!

Deb Kelsey-Davis

Deb Kelsey-Davis

Hi!  I'm Deb Kelsey-Davis and I'm an eternal optimist...because I choose to be!

I've come to realize that even in loss and difficulties there are blessings.

When I was bullied as a child, I ended up learning I was stronger than I thought. When I was sexually harrassed, as a young nurse, I discovered the power of taking action based on my values and setting stronger boundaries. And, when I cared for my mother-in-law who lost her battle with cancer, I became much more aware of the blessings in the little things that I'd previously not noticed.

For all these experiences and more, I'm grateful. Yes, grateful! Because, if it weren't for those very things that knocked me down, I would never have realized what it takes to get back up know my worth and see the gifts that came with these things.

With a long career in nursing, and later joining the ranks of nationally recognized healthcare executives, it was a shock to my friends and family when I struck up the courage to walk away from corporate America to pursue my passions. It was a leap of faith.

Powered by what I now know was my grit, grace and gratitude, I ventured off and and focused on making conscious choices, adjusting my priorities, and honoring the things I truly craved. In the process of making these changes, my life was literally transformed.  

My mission, along with Colleen, is to help others realize this same potential, by providing guides to discovering what lies within and boosting those all-essential traits of grit, grace + gratitude.





Grit, Grace + Gratitude are the fuel for our own businesses.

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