Get ready to find new sources of STRENGTH!

Though it may not be comfortable at first, you are going to quickly see the benefit of getting brutally honest about nearly everything going on in your life. That's HUGE. You know why? Well, change cannot happen without truth and courage

The good news is that by the time you are done, you are going to know where you stand on many important things and know the best next steps to take to bring out positive changes in your life. Now, doesn't that sound awesomely gritty?

Below are your materials to help guide you through this journey. You can read this material online and then print the PDF pages to do the exercises. 

Get comfy now and listen to our audio guide and introduction of STRENGTH, and the lessons and insights we want to share with you. 

Ready, set, here we go!


STRENGTH .... your audio guide

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STRENGTH .... the workbook

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If you enjoyed working with us on your STRENGTH, then you might also find it worthwhile to take the next step and focus on some of the other areas we believe are essential to transforming your life...things like WORTH, BALANCE, GROWTH, BLESSINGS, ENERGY, FREEDOM, AWARENESS, JOY, ABUNDANCE, PERSPECTIVE and MEANING.